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Getting started with the Environmental Slam

Register for the Slam

Register for

the Slam by
May 5, 2022


your Team and Research

Whether you are presenting solo or with your team, it's time to start your research and planning. Check out the FAQ's for more info. Stumped? Email WFFE and ask your question!

Create your Presentation

Practice your presentation and finalize your entry. All teams must submit their final presentation by Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 5:00 pm PDT

Make a Winning Presentation

Get the knowledge you need to make your presentation shine. Learn exactly what the judges are looking for so you can deliver a winning presentation. The Environmental Slam is held online on May 19, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a topic?

Choose an environmental issue that you feel strongly about. It should be simple and straightforward and can be summarized in a five-minute presentation. The presentation should highlight the the details of the problem, the impact on the region, and an actionable solution for the community. 

How do I make a great presentation?

The most successful presentations generally are fast-moving and entertaining. They have a simple but important environmental lesson to be taught to the audience. Past presentations have included costumes, poetry, skits, art, and music, while others have been more straightforward talks. Several types of presentations have been effective and have won awards.

Moving the Slam to an online event offers participants more variety and opportunity to hone their message and delivery. Here are a few tips to remember: 


1. Stay on topic

You will have a captive audience. Do not distract from your message with text or visuals that do not relate to your message.

2. Educate your audience

Make sure your concepts are clear and your explanations are logical as you teach your audience about your issue. Don't assume that they have the same level of knowledge or interest in your topic— that's your job to spark it!

3. Engage your audience

Connect with your audience to more effectively communicate your ideas. Think about what their point of view on your issue will be and how you can influence their actions to make a positive change. The audience will include other students and participants like you and supportive parents, friends, and family members who are also interested in environmental and climate issues. They will all be rooting for you to succeed!

4. Create an outline and a script

Don't wing it! Creating an outline helps make sure all your main points are included. Creating a script will help make sure that you and/ or your team will be clear and confident in their presentation.  And don't forget to practice!

5. Prepare your images, text, and slides

The new online format will give you the opportunity to share images and slides in a new way from our traditional presentations. Make sure that you are planning out your images and text to be clear for the audience. 

I'm an adult. How can I help get students, organizations, or young people involved?

The best thing adults can do is help spread the word and get more young people to participate in the Slam. Adults can serve as mentors, assist and guide the research, and offer valuable feedback on their presentations. 

Teachers from all subjects can lead and encourage groups to participate for extra credit in their classes. Some schools incorporate this into their curriculum in social studies, science, or the arts and hold school-wide Slams prior to the event. This gives students an opportunity to practice, build confidence, and share their message with their peers and community.

Contact WFFE directly if you have questions or would like to discuss ways to integrate this into your organization or curriculum. 

What tools do I need to create an online presentation?

Online presentations can be made in a variety of ways and with a variety of tools. The most basic presentation can be made with a computer and a slide presentation tool, like Google Slides. As with a traditional presentation, participants should record their presentation with an audio or video tool. There are a variety of free online presentation tools like Google Slides that allow users to include video, audio, and text. 

All video content included in the presentation should be original. Showing a video that was created by another person, organization, or company is discouraged. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact WFFE for clarification. 


Let your imagination be your inspiration, but remember, your goal is to educate as well as entertain, so make sure what you include helps your audience understand your cause and not distract them from your main point. 

Student with Laptop

Technology REquirements

Participants need to submit an MP4 File by May 12, 2022 to compete in the Slam. We can assist you in getting your file to the right size. Email us or use the contact form below.


Registered participants will receive information by email on how to submit their videos.

The deadline for submissions is

May 12, 2022 at 5:00 pm PDT. 

Students can use any presentation platforms they like as long as they meet the size and file requirements. When choosing a platform, make sure early that you can export your file as an MP4. 


Competition Rubric

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 11.55.33

Presentations are evaluated on a number of different elements including: 

  • Content

  • Action to address the problem

  • Effort

  • Overall Presentation

For each category, participants can earn up to 5 points for a total score out of 20. 

We recommend all participants download the Judge's Rubric to help improve their presentation- it's the most important tool to improve your performance!