2022 Environmental Slam

Advocate for your environment,

educate your community


Greta doesn't hold back, neither should you

Greta Thunberg was terribly worried about the environment after learning about climate change in elementary school. She was frustrated that adults were not acting. She felt like she had no voice. 

She took a step, a first step. She protested outside Swedish government buildings, by herself,
on behalf of the environment.

She has since sparked a worldwide movement, putting the spotlight on young people's voices for environmental change. 


What if YOU could convince
your friends and family to actually
DO something about the environment?
Protest Sign

Introducing the
2022 Environmental Slam

A competition for young people to raise their voices and educate the community about actionable solutions to environmental issues. 

Live online judged event: May 19, 2022
6:30-8:30 pm PDT
Winners announced live online!

Advocate for your environment

 Educate your community

Students presenting as Bees

1/2 science fair 

1/2 talent show

100% for the environment

The Environmental Slam is a science and art competition. Similar to Slam Poetry competitions, the Environmental Slam aims to engage people around the science and urgency of climate change with the vibrancy and originality of diverse young voices. 

The Environmental Slam challenges you

to use your voice and talent.

Teams and individuals create 5-minute "Slam" presentations on an environmental topic that is important to their community. Contestants are encouraged to use scientific research and an engaging style to communicate both the problem and an actionable solution. 

All styles welcomed!
Sing if you love to sing. Write a play. Craft a compelling story. Whatever you do, express your message in a powerful way that is uniquely you. 


A local panel of experts and the live audience votes for who they feel made the best presentations and honors the winners with the Judges' Choice and Audience Choice awards. 

The Environmental Slam is a powerful first step to discovering how your voice can change the future.


$$$ Your participation

makes a difference to the

bottom line $$$

Did you know, in 2019, donations to environmental organizations increased by only 3.6%? More than ever, they need your voice to amplify their work. 

All Slam participants earn a $50 donation, given in their name from WFFE, to a nonprofit or organization that supports their environmental cause. 

Three presentations will be chosen as the winners at the event. Winners each earn a $500 donation, given in their name from WFFE, to a nonprofit or organization that supports their environmental cause.

Two winning presentations will be chosen by a panel of local judges. Scoring will be based on the Judges' Rubric. The third winner is chosen by the audience who votes after watching all the presentations. 

These donations to environmental organizations boost the power of their work. Your donation also sets an example to motivate friends and family to donate too.

WFFE Evnironmental Slam Check Winner

Through the issues I researched, compiled information on, and presented to the audience, I began to develop a passion for social change, leadership, and participation....

The Slam provided me with a launching board to promote development in my community, and as a consequence has made me feel like I have begun to successfully contribute to society and to my future. 

Makenzie W.,
Explorer West Middle School, 2015

Ready to get started?


Here's your to-do list:

  1. Complete this simple form to register for the Slam. You'll be on our email list to get more information as we get close to the event.

  2. Choose your topic. Begin researching and crafting your Slam performance. You can work individually or with a team. Teachers, community leaders, parents, or other adult mentors can support and sponsor participants. 

  3. Confirm your topic, the organization that you are donating to, and your participation by May 5th


  4. Deliver your video for the Slam by May 12th. 

Boy Checking his Phone

2022 Environmental Slam
Guiding Principles

  1. All Slam presentations are 5 minutes and are delivered (online) to a live audience.

  2. Slam presentations can include spoken word, music, art, acting, or any other engaging presentation. 

  3. Slam presentations should focus on a specific climate or environmental problem in Washington State or the Pacific Northwest.

  4. Participants must include an actionable solution to the problem— something that people can DO or behavior that people can CHANGE that will have a positive impact on the problem. 

  5. Sources of information must be documented. Sources are required when the presentation is submitted. Details about source citations will be shared with registered participants leading up to the event.

  6. Slam presentations are judged based on content, delivery, timing, and the actionability of the solution. We encourage all participants to review the Judges' Rubric while creating their presentation. 



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